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My 1 Year Anniversary with Design

It has been a year since I decided to pivot my career path to UX design, which is surreal. Through all of the highs and the lows that come with transitioning careers, not to mention doing it during a global pandemic, I can honestly say that pursuing design has been the best decision I have made in a long time.

From my younger days as a college student, I never felt that satisfied with the educational/career path I was embarking on. Being 18-22 years old, I was still too unsure of what I wanted to do with my life to make any real changes. I loved being creative, whether through music, photography, or design. The societal pressure you feel to pursue a career path that will allow you to earn a comfortable living got the best of me, and I put my creative passions to the side to earn a degree in a field I wasn't passionate about.

Fast forward a few years working in different fields where I never felt satisfied, I decided it was time to reflect on what I wanted in my life and go for it. After a lot of research and doubts that I would never find the career path for me, I discovered UX/UI design. I was hooked right from the start. The skill sets I had learned from my past roles in project management, marketing, and sales all proved to be incredibly valuable in the field of design, and my desire to find a role to utilize my creative skills was a true match made in heaven.

Despite dealing with the uncertainties from Covid-19, I decided to start my journey in UX/UI design by enrolling in the UX design program with CareerFoundry. This decision has completely shaped my present and future self in design, not only because of the education I obtained but because of the connections I made. I was incredibly lucky to be assigned mentors and tutors who cared about my success and found friendships with my classmates as well as my mentors.


As I'm taking the time to self-reflect on this first year of my design journey, there are so many accomplishments that I am incredibly proud of.

  1. Becoming certified in UX design with a specialty in UI design.

  2. Starting this blog to reflect on my journey, which has connected me with 600+ new connections and over 800 followers.

  3. Creating the 30-day flat design challenge and seeing so many designers taking the challenge themselves to grow their visual design skills.

  4. Being offered my first UX design role and gaining such valuable experience collaborating with a design/development team to create a real product in an innovative startup environment.

  5. Finding my passion for inclusive design and being offered a volunteer role with Inclusion Design Lab.

  6. Being a speaker during a CareerFoundry webinar on the importance of content and building your brand as a new designer.

  7. Meeting so many talented and supportive individuals in the design community.


While reflecting on these achievements, there are, of course, roadblocks I came across and certain things I have yet to accomplish on my UX journey.

As a new year on this wild ride begins, here are some goals I hope to achieve.

  1. Start my first full-time design role, whether that's through an internship, apprenticeship, or entry-level position.

  2. Launch the passion project that I have been working on with another designer, which will hopefully benefit the entire design community.

  3. Learn more about inclusive and accessible design principles and apply them with my design work.

  4. Continue connecting with talented designers and offer any advice and support that I can to beginners.


I'm so incredibly excited to continue this journey and can't wait to see what the future holds. Big shout out to my mentor, Miguel M, for supporting me and offering such great advice and opportunities throughout this last year!

Coming for you, year two. 💪🏼

- Kaity

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