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Tips for creating presentation mockups

So you have finally created your final mockups for your design project. Your wireframes consist of pixel-perfect UI designs and are ready to be shown off to the world.

Creating presentation mockups can take some time and effort. The hard work you spent on your project deserves a proper presentation!

First, let's explain the difference between professional mockups and presentation mockups.

  • Professional mockups are pixel-perfect designs that show how the user interface of the product will look.

  • A presentation mockup is a design mockup that is presented in a frame, which is usually a device of some kind.

  • Another presentation idea to consider is the perspective mockup. These are presentation mockups that are NOT presented in some type of frame but still have a supportive background.

If you're getting ready to turn your final mockups into presentation mockups, here are some tips to help you make them as great as possible.


1. Show your breakpoints

If you created a responsive design, make sure you show off the different breakpoints that you designed. Whether you created designs for mobile, desktop, tablet, and more, this is a great chance to show off your skillset in responsive design!

2. Show a variety of screens

I always like to have at least one mockup that shows off a handful of the different wireframes I designed. This is a great chance to show off the features and design elements that you created. I like to take advantage of the perspective mockup when I'm showing a wide variety of my screens in a single mockup.

3. Realistic context of use

It's a good idea to consider a presentation mockup that shows how the product would be used in a real-life setting. Did you create an exercise app? Present your mockups in a workout setting. Did you design a recipe-related app? Show off your mockup in a kitchen.

4. High resolution

It's important that your audience can see your designs, so make sure you create your mockups in high resolutions. When exporting, anything over 2000px wide and 2000px tall is considered a pretty high resolution for devices today.

5. Appropriate color choices

The background colors in your mockup shouldn't distract the viewer from your designs. Choose colors or images that contrast with your designs and help them stand out.

6. Human interaction

You spent so much time creating a design to be used and add value to real people, so why not include a mockup of someone interacting with your product to add that human touch?


Presentation mockups are a great way to add a professional-looking mockup to your portfolio and share your final product to stakeholders. You might feel like you want to hurry through and get some kind of presentation ready to be shared, but don't rush through this step! The time and effort you spent on your design deserve a well-thought-out presentation.

If you have further questions regarding presentation mockups and would like some feedback on your mockups, feel free to reach out!

- Kaity

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