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The importance of community

When you are working hard to come up in a new field, it can be easy to get caught up with doing all of the work by yourself. The hustle can be good! But it can also be lonely and overwhelming.

This week I have had multiple reminders of the importance of having a community that you can be a part of. We need people who understand what your working towards and the struggles that can come with the hustle.

Building a design community can be beneficial in more ways than one. Meeting new designers could allow you to discuss elements or specialties in design that you might be unfamiliar with. It can give you someone to practice design challenges with or bounce ideas off of. It can also help you learn how to collaborate and work with other designers.

We all need a support system, and being a part of a community of designers can give you some positive reinforcement and friends to help you grow as a designer.

If you are unsure how to join a design community or would like someone to chat with, feel free to reach out!

- Kaity

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